Let me welcome you to the official FIMBA website in Spain.

This is going to be one of the many tools we want to put at your service.
Maxibasketball Players. This term may be familiar with some of you, but, for those who don’t know it: basketball for masters, for veteran people. And the different names we give to those who are, like us, older than 30 or 35.

Indeed, life doesn’t end at 30. Not even sports life.

Knowing, thanks to Quino Martinez, of the existence of FIMBA was, a few years ago, really uplifting. Getting to know the President Rubén Rodríguez Lamas, The President of FIMBA Europe Vincenc Butala, and all of the people who form the core of the organization worldwide level, a rush of fresh air. Those are people who live making their job hours of joy and fantastic shared experiences.

That’s why, since the first moment, the challenge was understanding why in Spain we weren’t participating in this. And that’s why we put ourselves to work on it.

In little time we’ve been making everything ready in order to offer you a proper enviroment. A place to share and enjoy our passion towards maxibasketball.

There’s still much to do, and the most important is doing it as a team. Highlighting the importance of experiences even prior to our own incorporation to FIMBA. Tournaments such as Santander, Madrud, Murcia or Valencia; +35 leagues that are organized in some federations or privately, leisure leagues… In here there’s room for everyone and we, as a team, we’ll make Spain get back in the universe FIMBA.

This website is just the first of many tools to make our purpose possible.

Enjoy maxibasketball.


Manel Casas

FIMBA Spain representative.

Sport is a privileged instrument that motivates and causes a better quality of life.

Maxibasketball has given undeniable prove in that sense.

But the possibility of making it visible, exposing its achievements and their actors, showing the fields where to practise it, the places to compete nacionally and the possibilities where to do it internationally, are given, in this mediatic era, by digital tools like this website.

I’m joining the pride of the visibilization of Maxibasketball in Spain.

Let me welcome you to this screen in which you’ll be able to find all of the necessary to make your neverending passion and see reflected the constant work of the teams, category and your nation.

Rubén Rodríguez Lamas
FIMBA President