The city of Malaga will be the main stage for the XI FIMBA Maxi Basketball European Championship, which will be held from June 24 to July 3, 2022. The tournament, which should have been held on similar dates in 2020, will be played in various pavilions sports in the capital of Malaga and some nearby municipalities.

Before the Covid19 pandemic was declared, a total of 234 teams from more than 40 different countries had pre-registered for the Championship The Maxibasketball European Championship is the official championship organised by the Fundación Seguimos Jugando within the framework of the rules and the auspices of the International Maxibasketball Federation (FIMBA) and welcomes players over 35 years of age and players over 30. The tournament is structured in categories divided by age bands of five years.

Men’s competition will have championships in the categories +35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 and 75 and  women’s, +30, 35,40,45,50,55, and 60.

The Competition has closed above 180 teams, which means an absolute record in terms of European Championships.

If the terrible invasion of Ukraine by Putin’s Army had not occurred, we would have far exceeded 200 teams.

Team registration closed on April 30, 2022.

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The Championship will take place between Friday, June 24, when the accreditation process will be done (in the case of not having been able to do it previously) and on Sunday, July 3, when the last finals will be played and the award ceremony will take place.


Remember the following dates:

  • June 24 – Technical meeting of team delegates (Don’t forget to introduce yourselves: you will be given important information and instructions)
  • June 25 – Parade of delegations and opening party
  • June 28 – Social Party (in which all participants will have a free tasting and the venue of the new European Championship will be announced)
  • June 30 – Authorities Dinner
  • July 3 – Finals and Awards Ceremonies

We also have some activities prepared for each afternoon/evening, many of which are near the beach.

We have also planned that the traditional “Meeting point” become a real “Fan Zone” in which to chat.


This Championship, unlike the previous ones, has some features that make it especially interesting:

  1. The Championship will be called “OPEN” because its participation is open to Non-European Teams, which, in the second phase, will compete for  “Rest of the World” classification.
  2. With almost total certainty, teams from all continents will participate, since we have confirmed the presence of American, Asian, African and Oceanian teams in addition to European ones.




Getting around Málaga and surroundings

Train and Subway

Other modalities

You can also move around Malaga by taxi: Uber available in Malaga.

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Sightseeing in Malaga and surroundings

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FIMBA Málaga 2022 Gyms

The facilities planned are as follows:

  • Málaga
    • Pabellón de Ciudad Jardín
    • Ciudad Deportiva Javier Imbroda
    • Tiro de Pichón
    • Los Guindos
    • Los Olivos
  • Cártama
    • Ciudad Deportiva de Cártama
    • Pabellón Polideportivo 1
    • Pabellón Polideportivo 2
  • Fuengirola
    • Complejo Deportivo Elola
    • Training Center El Higuerón

Registration, prices and payment terms


The price for a registered team is 1,700 euros 15 people (12 players + coach + assist + delegate) Extra people: 50 eur/person

Registration with the Official Accommodation Pack is 1,400 euros 15 people (12 players + coach + assist + delegate) Extra people: 50 eur/person

The deadline to make the payment is 04/30/2022

To make the payment to register your team, click HERE

For payments from Spain or by SEPA transfers, the bank details to make the transfers are these:

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA)


Account holder: Fundación Seguimos Jugando

IBAN : ES85 0182 8663 2602 0156 4692

Reference: Mlg2022 + Team Name + Country + Category

Thank you,




If you see any error in it, please notify us by mail to Thank you.

F 30 +

  1. OSK/VESIIR – Estonia

F 35 +

  1. ESTONIA 35+ – Estonia
  2. Germany 35  _Germany
  3. FIMBA GB O35 Ladies – United Kingdom
  4. Team GB Maxibasketball – United Kingdom

F 40 +

  1. Podolí Czech Stars – Czech Republic
  2. Germany A – Germany
  3. Hun k8+2 – Hungary
  4. Italia Basket Over 40 Female – Italy
  5. BK Avantis – Latvia
  6. Polska 40+ – Poland
  7. FIMBA GB O40’s Ladies – United Kingdom
  8. Team GB Women’s Maxibasketball 40+ – United Kingdom

F 45 +

  1. MHM España – España
  2. Germany (Plan B) – Germany
  3. Germany F45 – Germany
  4. Cesis – Latvia
  5. Poland 45 – Poland
  6. FIMBA GB Women O45 -United Kingdom
  7. Team GB Maxibasketball – United Kingdom

F 50 +

  1. FFEMAR 50 – Argentina
  2. Club Doce – Colombia
  3. Antioquia Colombia- Colombia
  4. Las Paisas – Colombia
  5. Costa Rica 50 – Costa Rica
  6. A2T Segundo Tiempo – España
  7. Club Deportivo Salliver – España
  8. GERMANY A – Team Valdo – Germany
  9. GERMANY B – Germany
  10. Hungarian Angels – Hungary
  11. Maxibasketball Donne Milano – Italy
  12. RKL Lituania – Lituania
  13. Liga Femenina Budomax – Rep. Dominicana
  14. FIMBA GB 50’s – United Kingdom
  15. Team GB Maxibasketball – United Kingdom

F 55 +

  1. FFEMAR 55 – Argentina
  2. Brasil 55 – Brasil
  3. Maxiball Colombia – Colombia
  4. Czech Ladies – Czech Republic
  5. MBL Estonia – Estonia
  6. Germany A – Germany
  7. Ireland – Ireland
  8. Italia Golden Players F55 – Italy
  9. Italia Women Maxibasketball – Italy
  10. Latvijas Purenes – Latvi
  11. Peru Maxi 55 -Peru
  12. FIMBA GB Women O55 – United Kingdom

F 60 +

  1. Costa Rica 60 – Costa Rica
  2. Basket Prague Selection – Czech Republic
  3. Kiwi 2005/60 – Czech Republic
  4. Ecuador 60 – Ecuador
  5. Germany A – Germany
  6. Germany B – Ladies Germany  – Germany
  7. Germany C Grey Ladies – Germany
  8. Turbó Csigák  – Hungary
  9. Zeltenes – Latvia
  10. Maxibasket Kosice – Slovakia
  11. FIMBA Gb 60’s  – United Kingdom

M 35 +

  1. Guayotas Ibericos – España
  2. Unicaja Baloncesto – España
  3. Hungary M35 – Hungary
  4. Slovenia Dsr Splavar – Slovenia
  5. FIMBA GB A -United Kingdom
  6. FIMBA GB B -United Kingdom
  7. Team GB Maxibasketball – United Kingdom

M 40 +

  1. Team Austria 40 – Austria
  2. Mijas Unión Basket-Cris Martia – España
  3. Sportland – Estonia
  4. Italy Basket Over 40 – Italia
  5. Jordan Old Timers – Jordan
  6. Krown Latvia – Latvia
  7. KK Kaja Grosuplje – Slovenia
  8. Team Switzerland M40 – Switzerland
  9. FIMBA GB O40 – United Kingdom
  10. Team GB Maxibasketball – United Kingdom

M 45 +

  1. White Chocolate La Salle Bonanova – España
  2. Casa Rojo Bodegas y Viñedos – España
  3. EspUA – España
  4. Germany A – Germany
  5. Pireaus Veterans 45 – Greece
  6. Bravos Hungary 45 – Hungary
  7. Italy Basket Over 45 – Italia
  8. Underdog Italia Over 45 by Futura A.s.d. – Italia
  9. Polonia 45 – Poland
  10. Serbia A – Serbia
  11. Serbia B – Serbia
  12. Team Switzerland 45 – Switzerland
  13. UAE Team – United Arab Emirates
  14. UAE B – United Arab Emirates
  15. FIMBA GB O45 – United Kingdom
  16. Team GB Maxibasketball – United Kingdom
  17. Vetebasket Urues – Uruguay

M 50 +

  1. Austrian Fifties – Austria
  2. Brasil Team 50 – Brasil
  3. Bogotá – Colombia
  4. Pancers – Colombia
  5. Czech Flamenders – Czech Republic
  6. El Salvador – El Salvador
  7. CD Gines – España
  8. Unicaja Baloncesto – España
  9. Germany A – Germany
  10. Germany B – Germany
  11. Germany C – Germany
  12. EKA Basket Greece  50 – Greece
  13. Greece Thessaloniki – Greece
  14. Hungary +50 – Hungary
  15. FIMBA Italia Over 50 – Italia
  16. Italia Golden Players M50 – Italia
  17. Master Italia Pegaso – Italia
  18. Poland Gawron Team – Poland
  19. Team Switzerland M50 – Switzerland
  20. Fimba GB M50’s –  United Kingdom
  21. Team GB Maxibasketball – United Kingdom

M 55 +

  1. Argentina M55+ – Argentina
  2. Czech Republic M55 +JFS – Czech Republic
  3. Georgia – Georgia
  4. Germany A Nationals – Germany
  5. Germany B – Germany
  6. German Maxxis – Germany
  7. Hungary +55 – Hungary
  8. Italia Golden Players M55 – Italia
  9. FIMBA Italia Over 55 – Italia
  10. Maxibasket Milano – Italia
  11. Master Italia Pegaso – Italia
  12. Samex – México+Colombia
  13. Serbia – Serbia
  14. Team Switzerland M55 – Switzerland
  15. FIMBA GB A   (Herons) – United Kingdom
  16. FIMBA GB  B   (Plus) – United Kingdom
  17. Uruguay Montevideo/Paysandú – Uruguay
  18. Uruguay 55 – Uruguay
  19. Maccabi Miranda Venezuela – Venezuela

M 60 +

  1. Austria 60 – Austria
  2. VKK Zagreb – Croatia
  3. BPS Czech Republic – Czech Republic
  4. Sodoma – Czech Republic
  5. Unicaja Baloncesto – España
  6. TOP Trust – Estonia
  7. Germany A – Germany
  8. Germany B – Germany
  9. German Maxxis – Germany
  10. Eka Basket Greece 60- Greece
  11. Ireland A  – Irlanda
  12. Ireland B – Ireland
  13. Fimba Italia Over 60 – Italia
  14. Italia Golden Players M60 – Italia
  15. Maxibasket Milano – Italia
  16. Omega Kaunas – Lithuania
  17. Perlas Lithuania – Lithuania
  18. Poland Marek 60 -Poland
  19. Lzkosz Poland – Poland
  20. VKD Stajerska – Slovenija
  21. FIMBA GB M60’s – United Kingdom
  22. Uruguay 60 – Uruguay
  23. Fairway Ford – USA

M 65 +

  1. Meia Cinco – Brasil
  2. BSP Kosire  – Czech Republic
  3. Germany A – Germany
  4. Germany B – Germany
  5. Italia Golden Players M65 – Italia
  6. Over Sport Italia M65 Azzurra – Italia
  7. Over Sport Italia M65 Bianca – Italia
  8. Samurai Senior Ballers – Japan
  9. Lietuva 65 – Lithuania
  10. Serbia – Serbia
  11. Aikea Portoroz – Slovenia
  12. FIMBA GB men 65 – United Kingdom

M 70 +

  1. Austria 70 – Austria
  2. Brasil 70 – Brasil
  3. Germany A – Germany
  4. Germany Ü70 Wiha – Germany
  5. FIMBA Italia +70 A – Italia
  6. Over Sport Italia M70 – Italia
  7. Latvia Tukums 70 – Latvia
  8. Lietuva 70 – Lithuania
  9. FIMBA GB O70 – Reino Unido
  10. Team USA 70 – USA

M 75 +

  1. SAMEKO 75 – Estonia
  2. Germany  – Germany
  3. Over Sport Italia – Italia
  4. Latvia 75 -Latvia
  5. East Bank Saloon – USA

Any participant in the FIMBA championships must be able to prove their satisfactory state of health in order to enjoy the active practice of competitive basketball. To do this, you must provide the corresponding Organizing Committee, in this case the Organizing Committee of Malaga 2022, the following documentation:

  • Document of exemption from responsibility of the Organizing Committee regarding pre-existing health causes.

Likewise, and in order to act for the benefit of your own health, you must provide the Organizing Committee with the corresponding authorization so that, through the Accident Insurance contracted by it for the resolution of possible injuries, or outside of it in the case of hidden or sudden illnesses, the health managers of each facility, and the doctors of the hospitals or health centers where you could be transferred can always act for the benefit of your personal health.

This authorization will form an integral part of the Release of Liability Document.

In the links, you can download the specific models for the XI FIMBA European Championship of Maxibasket

Draw Live on May 24th

FIMBA Europe Statement


VIVE sportswear brand will provide sportswear to both FIMBA international referees and those of the FUNDACIÓN SEGUIMOS JUGANDO.

It will also dress the participants in the traditional FIMBA GAME in which the FIMBA leaders and the Organizing Committee intermingle in a unique game.

Finally, it will also supply the Spanish participants with the “warm-up shirt”, with which they will parade at the opening ceremony of the 11th FIMBA European Maxi-Basket Championship Malaga 2022.

In addition , the firm offers the participating teams the following


Vive, sponsor brand of FIMBA MÁLAGA 2022, puts at your disposal an exclusive offer for all the participants of the basketball event for veterans of the year. Keep playing with Vive! Reserve your kit until April 30th. More information at

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On Friday, November 26, the XI European Maxibasket Championship is relaunched

5:00 p.m. Spanish time, will be the time in many countries of Europe and around the world where maxibasket practitioners and followers will undoubtedly be connected to social networks, to closely follow the information that the Organizing Committee can offer to them.

The virtual meeting will serve to review several of the novelties that FIMBA will produce in this coming 2022, and to present to the world the new image of the Championship, created by the Malaga artist @roldanus (Jesús Roldán).

Among other things, the new website, the main dates to be taken into account, and the way to select and hire accommodation for the participants and their companions will also be announced.

The re-launch will be possible to follow on YouTube on the FIMBA account, and on Facebook Live also from the page of the institution that governs and regulates maxibasketball in the world.

We are waiting for you

Resolution 1

The HDB is summoned to decide about the petition of the German F45 A team to be moved from the category F45 to category F40.

See document

Resolution 2

The HDB is summoned to decide about if it´s necessary to make a new draw in the category M35 after withdrew of the Hungarian team.

See document

Resolution for the final standings in the category of F55





In the City of Buenos Aires, on 20 July of 2022.

The Honorable Disciplinary Board of FIMBA gathers to decide about the not attendance of the LATVIAN team “Latvijas Purenes” to the final game of the category F55+, during the last FIMBA European Championship, in Malaga 2022.

According to the previous resolutions of this Disciplinary Board, a team withdrawal before the end of a tournament or its refusal to compete for any position in a final or semifinal game, shall determine its score loss and to be placed in the last position of the Championship.

Although it is true that the players inform to the organizing committee, before the beginning of the championship, that they could not play on Sunday, the reality it is that an Organizer cannot modify the schedule of such a big championship, with so many games (almost 500), based on a supposition that a team could reach the final game or not. Especially, when the previous day, Saturday 25/6, had reached the limit of number of games allowed for that day. And most of all, because the championship finishes on Sunday.

On the other hand, even when the rules and regulations are clear about the penalties that the players, the delegate and the captain of the team should receive for not attending to the final game (Art. 63. Suspension of all the players for 1 to 3 years and a fine of USD 500.-), this Disciplinary Board will take in consideration the information that the team gave to the Organizing Committee (expressed in the previous paragraph) and will not apply those sanctions.

A different resolution needs to be adopted regarding to the final position that the team should have in the category, because a team that withdraws in the final game of a Championship cannot pretend a medal for that behavior.

Therefore, this HDBF decides that the Latvian Team should be placed in the last position of the Category F55+ and the teams that were in the 3rd, 4th and 5th position, should receive the Silver, Bronce and Iron medals respectively.

Finally, this resolution will be send to the Competition Commission, in order to review the rules and regulations and to include that a team that withdraws before the end of a tournament should be placed in the last position of the category.



Carlos del Viso

President H.D.B.F.