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The main focus of those responsible for FIMBA in Spain has been, is and will be the players. They are the true object of what we do. And although to some people it may seem like a trivial issue, to us it seemed very important to set up a foundation as a legal figure to develop sport in adulthood. For everything it stands for. A non-profit entity subject to the maximum transparency controls, and precisely for all this, it can have different advantages to offer to all those who want to walk this path with us.

On the other hand, we are aware that, in order to fulfill our main focus, we must encourage and promote activities and programs. And we must, but above all we WANT to do it with all the actors who have been doing tournaments and events for people over 30, 35, 40 and more. We must add efforts and values to show that basketball lovers are mature in all areas of life.

In this sense, we have already started with the first collaboration experiences that have materialized with the organizers of the Santander Masters Basketball and with those of the BCN-L’Hospitalet that were already born within the framework of the Keep Playin’ Tour. The Keep Playin’ Tour is going to be the backbone, in the form of a circuit that groups and coordinates all these events in the different categories.

Finally, we want to offer you the opportunity to be part of the Fundación Seguimos Jugando in the different association options that we have prepared for you, which are:

  • Partner Protector FSJ-KPT

    • Fee: €500.00 /year
    • It will be part of the public list of Supporting Members.
    • Premium options in:
      • sponsoring and sponsorship
      • marketing and sales campaigns
    • Incorporation into the FSJ service guide

  • Premium Member FSJ-KPT

    • Fee: €75.00 /quarterly
    • 25% discount on Registration (Personal Quote) to Keep Playin’ Tour events (Does not include accommodation or services)
    • Official FIMBA license to be able to participate in the Official Championships*
    • Premium subscription to the virtual community FIMBA

  • Member of the FSJ-KPT

    • Fee: €45.00 /quarterly
    • 10% discount on Registration (Personal Quote) to  Keep Playin’ Tour events (Does not include accommodation or services)
    • Official FSJ license to be able to participate in the Official Championships * and KPT
    • Basic subscription to the virtual community FIMBA


* As long as the necessary data and the identity documents that validate them have been provided.

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