The city of Málaga will be hosting the XI European Maxibasketball  FIMBA Championship which will take place from the 26th of June to the 5th of July 2020. The tournament will be played amongst different sports halls from Málaga and some close cities.  It is expected that about 4.000 sportists will take part in this big sports event.

This Maxibasketball European Championship is organized by the International MAxibasketball Federation (FIMBA) and takes in players older than 30 years old (for the females, males should be older than 35).
The tournament is structured in categories divided by five years of difference. The male competition will held championships of the categories 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 and 80 and the female +30, 35,40,45,50,55,60 and 65.

200 teams are expected to participate in the 18 existing categories. The novelty is that this European Championship will open its doors this time to teams from outside the European borders. They will be the “ambassadors” which participate completely in the tournament, but logically won’t enter the distribution of medals of the European. Being Spain, and specially Málaga, so appealing to the world has been the cause of many petitions already made to participate in it, coming from all around the globe.

The deadline to do the team registration is the 10th of May, and the one to do the payment, the 15th of May.

Do you want to join this championship?

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Remember that the deadline to do the registration is the 10th of May

XI Campeonato de Europa FIMBA de Maxibásquet.


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The Championship will take place between Friday, the 26th of June, when all of the acreditation process will be done (in the case of not being able of doing it before) and Sunday, the 5th of July when the last finals will be played and the prize-giving ceremony will be celebrated.

Remember the following dates:

26th of June – Technical Meeting of team representatives (in which you will be given important information and instructions: please don’t forget to come)
27th of June – Delegations Parade and Opening Party
30th of June – Social Party (in which all participants have a free tasting and where is announced where will the next European Championship take place)
2th of July – Representatives dinner
5th of July – Finals and Awards ceremony

We have also some activities prepared for every evening, most of them by the beach.

We have also planned that the traditional meeting point will become a really “Fan Zone” to chat.

This Championship, unlike the previous, observes two features that make it specially interesting:

The Championship will be called “OPEN” because its participation has been opened to non European Teams which, at the Second Phase will compete for the medals in the classification “Rest of the World”.
For the first time in Europe, the championship will mantain also a competition in format FIMBAx3 which will be played concurrently to some days of the Championship.
The planned facilities will be the following:


Pabellón de Ciudad Jardín
Carranque 1
Carranque 2
La Mosca
Tiro de Pichón
Los Guindos

Alhaurín de la Torre

Polideportivo El Limón
Complejo Deportivo Blas Infante


Pabellón Polideportivo Municipal San Miguel

Rincón de la Victoria

Pabellón Polideportivo Rubén Ruzafa

* If the number of teams keeps on growing it’s really possible for us to add another facility

For the moment, the Hotels that are included in the Official Accomodation Pack are the following:

Hotel Sol Guardamar **** – Málaga – at 4 Km (10 min) from the Airport – By the beach

Hotel SMY Costa del Sol**** – Torremolinos – at 5,6 Km (11 min) from the Airport – By the beach

Hotel Cervantes**** – Torremolinos – at 8,2 Km (18 min) from the Airport – City Center

Hotel Alay**** – Benalmádena – at 10,5 Km (22 min) from the Airport – By the beach

Hotel San Fermín*** – Benalmádena – at 11,5 Km (19 min) from the Airport – By the beach

Registration, prices and payment terms

The price per team registered is 1.600 euros 15 people (12 players + coach + assist + representative) Extra people: 50 eur/per person

Registration with the Official Accomodation Pack is 1.300 euros 15 people (12 players + coach + assist + representative) Extra people: 50 eur/per person

* payment before 31/12/2019 1.200 euros 15 people (12 players + coach + assist + representative) Extra people: 50 eur/per person

The price per team registered is 1.600 € 15 people (12 players + coach + assist + representative) Extra people: 50 eur/person

The registration with the Accomodation Official Pack is  1.300 € 15 people (12 players + coach + assist + representative) Extra people: 50 eur/person

In order to do the payment to register your team, click HERE

The deadline to do the payment is the 15th of May.

If you need to transfer the money into a bank account instead of doing the payment by card, you can ask us about it, by clicking “Contact” or telling us in the comments box in the registration form.

Thank you very much,

These are our official hotels.
IMPORTANT: They will only be considered Official Pack if they’re booked by mail to  and following the steps determined there. No direct contract with the hotel will be allowed.

In order to ask for a specific proposal you must choose your hotels in order of preference and specify the number of rooms of each kind (single, double or multiple) which your team or expedition might need.

Due to the amount of registrations received, the available hotels to date are:

The list of following hotels are unavailable at the moment:

CAMPANILE MALAGA  *** MÁLAGA Bed & Breakfast                   45,00 €
LAS PALMERAS **** FUENGIROLA Bed & Breakfast                   45,00 € By the beach
ROYAL Al ANDALUS **** TORREMOLINOS Bed & Breakfast                   52,50 € Downtown Torremolinos
Moon Dreams Calabahia **** La Cala del Moral Bed & Breakfast                   57,50 € By the beach
MALAGA NOSTRUM  *** MÁLAGA Bed & Breakfast                   58,00 €
MONARQUE CENDRILLON      *** FUENGIROLA Bed & Breakfast                   58,00 € By the beach
ROC FLAMINGO  **** TORREMOLINOS Full Board                   58,50 € Downtown Torremolinos
HOTEL MEDPLAYA BALI  *** BENALMADENA Bed & Breakfast                   60,50 € By the beach
MONARQUE FUENGIROLA PARK     *** FUENGIROLA Bed & Breakfast                   60,50 € By the beach
MS AGUAMARINA   **** TORREMOLINOS Bed & Breakfast                   63,50 € By the beach
SIROCO  *** BENALMADENA Bed & Breakfast                   65,50 €  Benalmádena (By the beach)
SMY COSTA SOL   **** TORREMOLINOS Bed & Breakfast                   67,50 € By the beach
HILTON GARDEN  **** MÁLAGA Bed & Breakfast                   76,00 €
HOTEL MEDPLAYA PEZ ESPADA **** TORREMOLINOS Bed & Breakfast                   79,00 € By the beach
SOL HOUSE COSTA DEL SOL **** TORREMOLINOS Bed & Breakfast                   81,00 € By the beach
SOL GUADALMAR **** MÁLAGA Bed & Breakfast                   84,00 € By the beach
MS MAESTRANZA  **** MÁLAGA Bed & Breakfast                   85,00 € Near the downtown, by the port
SOL DON PEDRO **** TORREMOLINOS Half Board                   87,00 € By the beach
SOL DON PABLO  **** TORREMOLINOS Half Board                   87,00 € By the beach
SOL DON MARCO **** TORREMOLINOS Half Board                   87,00 € By the beach
HOTEL ALAY **** BENALMADENA Bed & Breakfast                   87,00 € Benalmádena (By the beach)
HOTEL MELIA COSTA DEL SOL **** TORREMOLINOS Bed & Breakfast                   95,00 € By the beach
NATALI  ***  TORREMOLINOS Bed & Breakfast                   43,00 € Downtown Torremolinos 

If you have any doubts, please send us an e-mail to with the subject “Accomodation”.

This is the last actualization of the registered teams in Málaga. Please, if you have registered your team and you can’t find it in this page, send us the payment receipt to