Málaga will be, without any doubt, the world’s basketball capital during the last days of june and the first of this july. There’ll be the Maxibasketball European Championship  FIMBA, and parallelly, an international 3×3 tournament, a legends match, and the first edition of the World Intergenerational Championship, a new event which is expected to promote the intergenerational relationships.
FIMBA, the international maxibasketball federation, chose almost two years ago Málaga as the principal place of the European tournament and around this big event other activities are taking place, related with this sport.
The Inter G, which is part of the circuit Keep Playin’ Tour, counts with the support of Instituto de la Longevidad an entity that has the purpose of bringing the knowledge of the great effects that will have in the world the increasing of life expectancy.
The Institute, which is composed by universities from Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy and the United States of America, ellaborates reports worldwide to investigate the types of social changes are going to produce by the big increasing of the medium life expectancy. Other of its main activities is promoting the healthy relationships amongst people from different generations.
The Basketball Inter G slighlty modifies the rules in order to guarantee in the court players of a huge range of age. For this purpose, the tournament compells the times to have players of different ages between 30 and 60.